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3 Simple Signs that You are an Underearner

 It recently became abundantly clear to me that I am a serial underearner. In my 27 years in the work force post undergraduate, the most I have ever earned is $35,000. Looking back on all the jobs I have had, I never earned what I was worth. Yep, that makes me an underearner. What are the signs of an underearner?


1.) Do you get bored easily in your job?

 If you said yes, you might be an underearner. Underearners typically take on jobs that they are extremely overqualified for and aren’t very challenging because they get overwhelmed with a lot of responsibility. Because the jobs are not very stimulating, they get bored and hop to another job, looking for their next fix.

2.) Has your salary peaked and plateaued?

 If you have been making the same salary you made ten years ago, unless you’ve made an incredible career change, chances are you are an underearner. Underearners are too afraid to ask for a raise or negotiate the salary that they are worth because they don’t think they are worth much.

3.) Do you have a fear of success? 

Underearners are afraid of their potential and choose jobs that are safe and don’t pay a lot. Somebody that fears success will stay in the same job for years and years or hop from job to job and won’t seek out challenges for professional growth.

Limiting Beliefs About Yourself

If you think you are an underearner, chances are you have limiting beliefs about yourself…”I’m not good enough. I’m not smart enough. I am not responsible enough.” Get rid of the “I am not enough” mentality. You are enough! You deserve to be successful in your career. What can you do to get rid of the limiting beliefs about yourself? Sign up for some mental health coaching and together we can help you gain confidence in yourself so you can negotiate a respectable salary or pursue jobs/careers that are challenging with room for professional growth.


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