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What if Your Depression or Anxiety was a Person?

If you read the post on depression and acceptance, I talk about being the observer of your depression. Personifying your depression or anxiety is similar to being the observer. When you think of your depression or anxiety like a person, you separate the feelings from your core self and it’s much easier to deal with the negative mood.

Imagine Your Depression is a Person

Imagine your depression is a person. What are the characteristics of your depression? What do you choose to name your depression? I call my depression Debbie Downer. She is a liar, a manipulator, and a con artist. She tricks me into thinking that I am a worthless piece of shit. When she comes to visit me, I acknowledge her but I don’t pay her any mind. 

For example, when I notice I am getting depressed, I say to my depression, “Hi, Debbie Downer! I see you came for a visit. Well, I don’t mind if you hang out for a little bit, but I need you to only stay for a little while and then I need you to leave.”

Talking to my depression as if it is another person outside of myself, makes it easier for me to separate the depression from my whole self. When I do this, the depression does not seem to overwhelm me as much and I am better able to deal with this negative mood.

Now Imagine Your Anxiety is a Person

What about your anxiety? What are some characteristics of your anxiety? What do you name your anxiety? I call my anxiety Anxious Annie. She is full of fear and worry. She makes me think that nothing is going to go right in my life, that my life is about to fall apart. Like my depression, she is a liar. 

I may say to Anxious Annie, “Hi, Anxious Annie! I see you are worried about my new job. Well, I appreciate your coming around, but I will be okay. I am going to do just fine at my new job.” Again, when you talk to the mood as if it is outside of you, it does not consume you the way it normally would.

Depression and Anxiety are Just Visitors

The truth is we are all worthy of great things. And our lives are destined for great things as well. We do not need our anxiety and depression coming into our lives and take over. Debbie Downer and Anxious Annie are visitors, but they are not welcome to stay in my home. I tolerate them when they come around, but I make sure they don’t outstay their welcome!

What would happen if…

What would happen if you talked to your depression and anxiety as if they were people outside of you? Would they be less intrusive in your life? I encourage you to try this and see if it works and share below your experience doing this.

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