What Lies Does Your Depression Tell You?


Do you know who is a big liar? Your depression! That’s who. Your depression is notorious for feeding you with lies because depression’s number one goal is to make you feel like shit!


So, what lies does my depression tell me?

So, what lies does my depression tell me?

1.) No one wants to hear what you have to say.

2.) You are not important.

3.) You are a loser.

4.) You are not worthy.

5.) You are a shitty mom.

6.) You hate being a mom.

7.) You are a big fat failure.

8.) You will never amount to anything so you might as well kill yourself now.

9.) You will never get it!

10.) You will never succeed and be happy.

So, what do I need to do when my depression feeds me all of these lies?

I need to ignore them or better yet, turn them into positive affirmations. This would be my internal dialogue if I did this:

Everyone wants to hear what you have to say. You are important. You are a winner. You are worthy. You are an awesome mom. You love being a mom. You are a success. You will amount to great things, so keep going. You get it. You will be successful and happy.

What a difference it makes between the first set of statements and the second round of thoughts!

Turn those negative thoughts into positive ones

How can you make sure you avoid the trap of believing the lies that your depression tells you? First, recognize that you are currently depressed. Every time your depression tells you something negative about yourself, stop, and remind yourself of what a liar your depression is. Then turn those thoughts around!


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